About us

Personalised Property Consultancy

V2 Concierge is a subsidiary of V2 Group established in 2007 as an exclusive, international real estate consultancy based in London, specialising in property acquisition and advisory services for international clients and property investors in search of prime London realĀ estate.

V2 Property Concierge was created out of the increasing need from clients to receive short and long term support in the relocation and day to day management of their newly purchased and/or existing properties.

Many property owners do not have the knowledge or time given their busy work/life schedule to deal with their on going property management issues productively and cost effectively.

We have carefully selected over the years a number of bespoke property services, that cater to any client property management requirement.

V2 has essential experience in the property industry and understand how to react to any problem by providing fast, simple and cost effective solutions

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